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Casey eb62fc0241
Added support for Braille mode in 1-bit palette 2022-08-15 19:00:39 +03:00
Casey fa72c81f70
Added gradient (charmap) module and other stuff
Like uh, UTF-8 encoding/decoding, some fixes in `calc_brightness`,
some changes in `c_fatal` (it now accepts formatting) and some other
things I of course forgot.
Oh yeah, and module now can signal that something went horrubly wrong
and die. Yay!
2022-02-08 21:19:00 +03:00
Casey 283422c62d
It should be PREFIX, not INSTALL_PATH 2022-02-07 12:34:57 +03:00
Casey e931d3d9d8
Added install target bc why not 2022-02-07 12:25:03 +03:00
Casey d3ccc83203
Added proper logging 2022-02-06 14:21:48 +03:00
Casey 153533ff86
Memory leak fixes 2022-02-06 13:38:00 +03:00
Casey 10d377c6c8
Fixed buffer overrun in load_palette_raw 2022-02-05 20:23:24 +03:00
Casey 21e7310ae1
Fixed issue with 256 colors palette
I wasn't checking for color indices <16 so first 16 colors in palette
were completely wrong and that was causing wrong indices to be
2022-02-05 20:11:21 +03:00
Casey c9807d3e64
Added test for tcc and license in some files 2022-02-04 21:51:12 +03:00
Casey b2f43307ff
More housekeeping stuff & fixes
* Added `testbuild` target. Used in development to test common
   compilers, as well as check for possible issues via OCLint.
 * `__{blk,bra}_*` now use state to get palette & other options.

TODO: optimize number of ANSI color codes when fg==bg
2022-02-04 18:08:53 +03:00
Casey 2e359443d7 OCLint fixes and some housekeeping stuff
// TODO: convert __bra_* and __blk_* to use palette from state
2022-02-04 15:48:21 +03:00
Casey ea6f383b02 Made Codacy happy. And added a badge! Yay! 2022-02-03 23:58:53 +03:00
Casey b28618b7ec License stuff and proper README. And renaming 2022-02-03 23:46:56 +03:00
Casey 47d30d3654 Fixed #1 2022-02-03 22:36:09 +03:00
Casey 321999ef6a Added Braille mode.
NOTE: Does not support 1-bit style. Yet.
2022-02-03 15:41:54 +03:00
Casey ee81a72e56 256-colors palette is now pre-computed on start
That kinda fixes weird issue with vertical stripes
2022-02-03 14:19:39 +03:00
Casey 7673f7e239 Nothing changed. Really.
Dithering is still pretty much fvcked up on 256colors mode. Iunno why
2022-02-03 01:16:10 +03:00
Casey 44418ac242 Dithering and palette support
TODO: fix some weird issues with dithering
2022-02-03 00:02:54 +03:00
Casey c2b3a157c4 muck. 2022-02-01 16:04:07 +03:00
Casey 12da7b2ad9 h. 2022-02-01 15:52:19 +03:00
Casey 041ba4b10c Somewhat working blocks module
TODO: dithering
TODO: check if colors are the same to save space
TODO: everything else
2022-02-01 15:38:23 +03:00
Casey 18701f56a6 Laid out basic project structure 2022-01-31 14:40:06 +03:00
Casey f78f66cf9a Ah shit, here we go again 2022-01-30 23:04:56 +03:00